Nora Maddocks is one of five candidates running in the Town of Creston byelection to fill one of two councillor positions. (Submitted)

Town of Creston Byelection: Meet Candidate Nora Maddocks

There are five candidates running for the two open councillor positions

As a fellow resident of Creston, Nora Maddocks wants to be the voice of the town’s people.

“I want the people’s voice to be heard in our Town Council meetings,” said Maddocks. “I personally feel the pinch at tax time as I pay the same property taxes, water bills, and sewer bills to the Town of Creston like every other resident and senior who is on fixed income.”

She is a senior, widow, and mother to a daughter and son. In her spare time, she loves to knit, garden, and spend time with family and pets.

Previously, Maddocks lived in the Kootenay area from 1969 to 1986, and then later moved to Creston in 2016.

Her work history spans 42 years, including experience at an accounting firm, the legal firm of Jawl & Bundon, management and administration with BC Hazardous Waste Management Corporation, 20 years at Cominco (now known as Teck) and more.

She was motivated to run in the byelection in order to establish direct communications from the mayor and town council to the residents of Creston.

“In my opinion, I did not get complete answers from council or town when I asked questions,” she said. “I want easy access for taxpayers to question the mayor and town council and for them to obtain full, factual, and complete answers to their questions.”

Maddocks also wants to educate residents about when and where they can present briefs and ask questions at town council meetings regarding any subject or bylaw proposal.

“I believe that I can be an instrument to make changes for the residents of Creston,” said Maddocks. “They deserve to be presented with the facts.”

It is important to her to ensure that the mayor and councillors are held responsible for any spending of taxpayer’s dollars.

“We need a mayor and council members who actually live in our town and pay the property taxes and fees,” said Maddocks. “Hopefully, that will compel them to be more financially responsible and accountable to other residents. They are the staff, and the residents are the employer. This seems to have been forgotten.”

She is concerned with the impact of the overall costs of the new Creston Emergency Services Building, which is currently under construction.

“The Town of Creston needs to stop borrowing and burying our residents under long term debts that will continually result in having to raise taxes,” Maddocks said. “Taxes should be kept down. You cannot do that when you are spending more money than what you have coming in.”

On her list of desired future projects, Maddocks thinks the old infrastructure of the sewer and water lines should be replaced.

“The streets also need repairs and repaving,” she said. “At present time, this is a safety issue. Residents are experiencing costly repairs to their vehicles.”

She said residents should vote for her because, “I am genuine, I am honest, and I have integrity.”

Maddocks will be running against candidates Norm Eisler, Keith Goforth, Bill Hutchinson, and Keith Baldwin. There are two open councillor positions to be filled.

General voting day will take place on Sept. 18 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Upper Rotacrest Hall, located at 239 19 Avenue.

To find out if you are currently registered and eligible to vote, or for further information, please email, phone 250-428-2214, visit, or visit Town Hall at 238 10 Ave North.

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