Keith Goforth is one of five candidates running in the Town of Creston byelection to fill one of two councillor positions. (Submitted)

Keith Goforth is one of five candidates running in the Town of Creston byelection to fill one of two councillor positions. (Submitted)

Town of Creston Byelection: Meet Candidate Keith Goforth

There are five candidates running for the two open councillor positions

Keith Goforth has been a resident of Creston for 21 years and considers himself to be civically minded.

He was born in Lillooet, B.C. and moved to the valley with his wife of 32 years, Joy, and their eight children.

Throughout his working life, he has maintained an entrepreneurial spirit with the launch of three businesses in Lillooet and two more in Creston – Abracadabra Plumbing and ARC Concrete.

Currently, he owns Cedar Grove Apartments and also recently purchased The Downtowner Motor Inn with his daughter.

“I know how important supporting local business is to the local economy,” said Goforth. “I feel it is important to help the small businesses in our community get through these tough COVID times by encouraging more people to shop local – now and always.”

Goforth has a history of involvement with community programs in Lillooet and Creston, including a two-year mission with his church, 10 years as a volunteer fireman, and 10 years as a scout leader.

“I care about people,” he said. “I am concerned about how government on all levels spends the people’s hard-earned tax dollars. I’ve seen the mayor and council make some good decisions, but I’ve watched some poor decisions as well.”

His highest priority is ensuring the Creston Emergency Services Building is completed within or below budget.

“I feel I’m needed to bring some balance to the poor fiscal choices being made and speak for those voters opposed to the present council’s views,” said Goforth. “The health of a town is partly measured by the poor among us, and I feel they need a stronger voice. “

As for future projects, Goforth wants to focus on growth in the housing sector.

“Contractors need to feel Creston is ‘open for business’, instead of feeling restricted by building fees and red tape,” he said.

“We need to expand the tax base by attracting business to our valley instead of increasing the taxes on the limited number of people living here.”

He added that promoting concerts in Creston to help bring in visitors, fill the local hotels and motels, and increase activity at local businesses.

“The residents should vote for me because I’m informed,” said Goforth. “I’ve attended countless meetings and give feedback when council allows it. I really care about my community and want to give back. Should I be elected, any stipend received will be donated back to the community by teaching fiscal literacy to help prepare future generations and individuals with better money management skills.”

Goforth can be reached with any questions at 250-428-1620 or

“I have a presence on Facebook and am not afraid to speak out on issues that are important to me and the people who vote for me,” he said.

Goforth will be running against candidates Norm Eisler, Keith Baldwin, Bill Hutchinson, and Nora Maddocks. There are two open councillor positions to be filled.

General voting day will take place on Sept. 18 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Upper Rotacrest Hall, located at 239 19 Avenue.

To find out if you are currently registered and eligible to vote, or for further information, please email, phone 250-428-2214, visit, or visit Town Hall at 238 10 Ave North.

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