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Rec Perspectives: Small Town Connections

‘I am always so proud and impressed with the connectedness of our community.’
Rec Perspectives with Tia Wayling (File photo)

By Tia Wayling, recreation services co-ordinator with the Regional District of Central Kootenay

Small towns don’t appeal to everyone but they do have their benefits. While the amenities are not the same as a bigger city, life can be more relaxing and enjoyable. There is also a sense of belonging when you recognize most of the people you see on the street and in the grocery stores. It’s also a bonus to be so much closer to nature. In the Creston Valley, we also have great access to fresh produce because of the ideal lands for agriculture. Small town living can have its downfalls, but I think most would agree who live in them, the benefits outweigh the negatives.

I am always so proud and impressed with the connectedness of our community. Not every small community is like ours. When there has been a need for action, the troops are rallied and they make it happen. I’m reminded of a time a few years ago when a former resident who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease came for a visit to talk about how the new exercise classes he had been participating in helped reduce his symptoms and even lower his need for some medications. Many community members saw the potential benefits and immediately wanted to start up a similar program in Creston. Within three months, the program was running. Not only were funds raised through a community garage sale and instructors sent to get trained, there was enough to help subsidize the cost of the program for one year. Just like that, a priority was set and the right people got involved to materialize it.

I see that same level of connectedness starting to happen this year. Earlier this month, when I announced that the Creston & District Community Complex was spearheading the challenge to become Canada’s Most Active Community in ParticipACTION’s Community Better Challenge, community members, businesses, and organizations have shared messages and shown their support. During the month of June, they are committing to logging in their active minutes on to the ParticipACTION website or app to count towards Creston’s goal to winning the $100,000 for local physical activity initiatives.

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If the Creston Valley follows through, our little town will get national exposure and get put on the map as a great place to live. We already know why our little valley is so great, so this would be a great way to prove that we are healthy, physically active, and care for one another. It’s an exciting thought and winning could lead to positive growth in our community in many ways.

Alongside logging in your daily active minutes, come and check out the free programs at the Community Complex during the month of June. Our Summer Leisure Guide also has great summer programs for the kids including tennis, skateboarding, Junior Lifeguard Club, babysitting course, and a variety of camps. There is so much to do this summer. The outdoor season is upon us. Embrace it as we are ready for a fun-filled summer.