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Lock up: Creston RCMP asks residents to follow ‘9 p.m. routine’ to prevent theft

Most property crimes occur at night
Lock your doors at night to prevent theft. (Metro Creative)

After dark is typically when property crimes occur. Most thieves are opportunists looking for an easy target, like the first unlocked car door found in a walk around the neighbourhood.

To prevent crimes - such as break-ins, car theft, and burglary - the Creston RCMP is asking residents to follow a ‘9 p.m. routine’.

This initiative has been encouraged in other RCMP jurisdictions in order to reduce property crime.

“Most offenders are opportunists looking for something easy to take and walk away,” said Const. Brett Urano.

“We have had multiple thefts this last month, and most have been due to things being left insecure.”

At 9 p.m. every night, the Creston RCMP are asking the public to start a positive new habit of locking up. Remove any valuables from your vehicle, lock the vehicle doors, lock the doors and windows to your home, garage, and sheds, turn on exterior lights, and activate all alarms and security systems.

“By following these steps you can avoid the issue of unwanted guests or possible thefts from happening,” said Const. Urano.

“Creston is a safe community but offenders will take advantage of anyone not doing prevention, like simply locking a door.”

To start, set a nightly reminder on your smartphones or other devices to help remind you to follow the 9 p.m. routine.

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