Local singers are needed for a choral concert series this October. (Pixabay)

Local singers are needed for a choral concert series this October. (Pixabay)

Unfurl Your Wings: Seeking Creston singers for concert series

Rehearsals are starting for a choral concert series in October

Local singers are invited to spread their wings and fly for an upcoming choral concert series.

“Unfurl Your Wings” will be coming to the stage from Oct. 21 to 23 at the Kootenay River Theatre in Creston and Pearl Theatre in Bonners Ferry.

At present, there are about 35 singers committed to the project created and conducted by Vicki Blake. She is currently seeking more singers or people who want to discover their singing talent.

“This unique choir project will give us all a chance to grow as singers and as people dedicated to building bridges and creating beauty together,” said Blake.

“We would love to have you join us, and feel free to invite your friends.”

Blake has conducted choirs in the area since 1996. Her ensembles have been chosen to sing for international festivals, regional music teachers’ conventions, and at Carnegie Hall in New York City. International trips have included China, Greece, Iceland, Tanzania, Austria, Ireland, and Costa Rica.

Vicki Blake, choir director. (Submitted)

Vicki Blake, choir director. (Submitted)

She is committed to encouraging singers to fly beyond their own expectations and creating works celebrating nature, diversity, and a boundless, spirited life.

In “Unfurl Your Wings”, the music ranges from wellknown songs and Broadway hits to contemporary choral works.

“Each piece contributes to the theme of finding courage to take the risk and the freedom of flying free, how we help one another to do this, and the difference we can make within ourselves and our communities when, like a bird, we do ‘unfurl our wings’,” said Blake.

Creston singers involved so far include Gail Southall, Margaret Lavender, Susan Smith, Judy Germann, Susan Eyre, Alexandra Ewashen, Caroline Collier, Susan Morrow, Sue Jorgensen, Linda Wallace, Tom Heal, David Hammond, Gary Smith, Lorraine Smith, and Monte Anderson.

All singers high school-age and older are welcome to join. Participation is free. No memorization will be required.

To join, contact Vicki Blake via email at vickiblake1@mac.com and indicate the parts you prefer to sing. She can email part recordings and scores for “Unfurl Your Wings” before rehearsals for practice at home.

Rehearsals are held on Tuesdays, starting Sept. 6 at the Lutheran Church in Creston, with women’s choir from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. and men’s choir from 7 to 9 p.m.

Bonners Ferry rehearsals are on Thursdays starting Sept. 1 at Trinity Lutheran Church, under the same time schedule.

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