Tips from TAPS: Partners are key to future of TAPS

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“Partnerships and networks are considered a cornerstone for successful community development and are viewed by rural stakeholders as effective means of implementing community projects and reaching shared goals.”

— Government of Canada, Promising Practices in Community Partnerships, October 2005

Community partnerships are defined as a relationship where two or more parties, having compatible goals, form an agreement to work together in a mutually beneficial manner, often doing things that might not be possible alone. The elements that distinguish a partnership are common objectives and goals among partners, shared risk and mutual benefit, contributions from all partners and shared authority, responsibility and accountability.

If you live in the Creston community, this is common sense to you and you probably didn’t need a government study to explain the value of community partnerships. Just such a collaboration was demonstrated on Saturday when the Lions hosted their signature breakfast at the Therapeutic Activation Program for Seniors. Lions and TAPS volunteers came together to feed over 100 people.

The work done by all involved was beneficial not only because funds were donated to TAPS but, also, TAPS seniors had the opportunity to have breakfast with friends they had not seen in a long time. The exposure of the TAPS facility and program is another benefit to our program. The more people who know about TAPS the more opportunities we have to grow. Thank you, Creston Lions.

TAPS volunteers continue to enrich the community by hosting a good, old-fashioned sing-along. Tarts and Tunes will happen tomorrow, Feb. 18, from 1-3:30 pm at Rotacrest Hall. Join your friends for an afternoon of singing favourite songs, great door prizes and tasty treats. Mary Audia, from Nelson, will lead the hand clapping, knee slapping, foot tapping sing-along to bring in spring. This inexpensive, everyone-can-join-in activity will bring back memories of first loves, favourite dances, special events and who knows what else. Join us. Thank you to our volunteers.

TAPS continues to grow and to be very busy. You are welcome to visit us at 402 22 Ave. S. or to call 250-428-5585 to get more information about TAPS.

Terry Nowak is an outreach worker with the Therapeutic Activation Program for Seniors.