Honesty of mechanic appreciated

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To the Editor:

Consumers, beware when getting car repairs!

My daughter owns an older Dodge Caravan, which was occasionally shifting down while being driven. We took it to one of the large dealerships in Cranbrook for a computer analysis. We were given a printout showing error messages, and specifically that the transmission had to be replaced ($2,500). Of course, we were not going to spend that much on an older vehicle.

We took it to East Kootenay Transmission to see if he wanted to buy it to rebuild. He asked if he could check it out. He could have sold us a rebuilt transmission and charged us hundreds of dollars, but he found it only needed a relay (less than $200). The transmission is fine and the van runs well now.

We almost trashed a perfectly good vehicle because of a misdiagnosis at the dealership. Always get a second opinion before paying for vehicle repairs. There are a few honest mechanics out there.

Signe Miller