Get answers from feds, not town council

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To the Editor:

The Nov. 12 forum at Rotacrest Hall provided lots of passion and knowledge of local issues. Well done to all candidates, and especially the organizers of the fine display of democracy.

One hot topic seemed to be about the new hotel and seniors housing projects’ outsourcing of materials and labour. I believe that incumbent Wes Graham briefly touched on this subject about the Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement (TILMA) and how council’s hands are firmly tied behind its back. As angry as you may be about this, town council is not responsible. Your Conservative government is.

Nov. 1 came and went. What many probably don’t know is that on that day Canada entered the second phase of the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) of North America agreement with the United States and Mexico. It is based on the security of the North American Union. As of Nov. 1, the United States army is permitted on Canadian soil at the will of the U.S. president. That’s right: at will. We are no longer considered “Canadian” or “American” citizens. We are North American citizens now.

As unbelievable as this may seem, it gets worse. Forget the “Canadian” economy. Foreign companies are now permitted to bid on Canadian contracts. When a company like Imperial Oil can bring in all labour and materials to build a project like a new hotel, what chance does a local business person have? With our taxes and standard of living, forget trying to compete with foreign companies. None of the 40 jobs that the new hotel will provide have to go to locals. They can bring in American or Mexican workers to do it cheaper. They don’t have to follow our WCB laws, pay minimum wage or adhere to our labour standards. It means the slow death of the country we call Canada.

If you think I’m making this up, go write to member of Parliament David Wilks or look it up online. Prepare yourself for a fluffy answer of misinformation, though. Nobody in our government wants to talk about this. It’s all being done in secret, away from Parliament. Anybody who thinks that deeper integration with the United Sates is a good idea, I implore you to move down there for a year. go down there and drink their water, eat their food, breathe their air and enroll your children in their schools. Don’t like that idea? Then please contact a member of Parliament and get them to talk about this issue. You voted the Conservative into majority. Make them give you the answer, not town council.

Tyson Soroke

West Creston