Family happy with staff at Creston hospital

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To the Editor:

We moved to Creston just over a year ago from Calgary. We have had to take my son to the Alberta Children’s Hospital and have had several friends that have taken their children and overall we have all had good experiences there (considering the circumstances).

Earlier this month, I had to take my daughter to the hospital to see if she broke her arm, after she had fallen during a basketball game). It was a Saturday evening and they had to call in a doctor and an X-ray technician. Everybody was extremely helpful, kind and so apologetic for the wait. To my amazement we were in and out in under one hour. Even though this hospital is not geared specifically for children, the staff was so great with both of us. Additionally, there were a couple of other patients there and the staff was wonderful (and patient) with them.

We as a family would like to thank the staff and the doctors for the all the great health services we have received here. We feel so blessed to be living here in this fantastic town of Creston.

Marna Forsyth