Creston RCMP tickets driver of semi stuck on Kootenay Pass without chains

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  • Thu Nov 29th, 2012 8:00pm
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Creston RCMP responded to 57 calls from Nov. 19-25, Staff Sgt. Bob Gollan said on Monday.

November 19

•The driver of a semi that was stuck in snow near Kootenay Pass refused to let a tow truck move the vehicle. Police issued him a ticket for not using chains and ordered the vehicle towed out of the way.

•A bottle of Gatorade was used to smash a vehicle’s windshield on Hillside Street overnight.

•Police are investigating a shoplifting case involving a male and female youth on Canyon Street.

•A complaint of harassing text messages was received from 26th Avenue North.

•No charges were laid after police were called to a possible assault at a Murdoch Street residence.

•A tool case containing tools was found on Eighth Avenue South and can be claimed by the owner at the RCMP station.

•Damage to a wall at the rec centre is under investigation.

•No injuries resulted to the four occupants of a vehicle that rolled over on Hawkins Creek Forest Service Road.

•A pedestrian complained about nearly being hit by a vehicle in a crosswalk on 11th Avenue North. No description of the vehicle was provided.

•Police were asked to assist Trail RCMP in locating the guardian of a young offender.

November 20

•A complaint about a historical sexual assault is under investigation.

•Police mediated a dispute between a mother and her adult daughter on Hillside Street.

•Tires and rims were stolen from a vehicle on Northwest Boulevard.

•A female reported that her vehicle’s bumper was torn off by a hit and run driver who then took the bumper and left the Northwest Boulevard parking lot.

•An elderly male was reported to be driving without a valid licence. Police located the vehicle but not the man, and left a warning message.

November 21

•Shots were reported near Mallory Place in Lister but the source was not located.

•Police are investigating a collision on Northwest Boulevard in which one occupant was taken to hospital with a minor head injury.

•A male who attempted to enter a Mallory Place residence in contravention of a court order is now being sought by police.

•A complaint about two semis backing on to Highway 21 from Erickson Road was received too late for police to find the vehicles.

•Two males who are under a ban from a premises returned to the Canyon Street business and refused to leave until police were called.

November 22

•Landlord-tenant disputes on Reclamation Road and Connell Road involved police.

•The owner of a green Dodge Ram pickup on Hemlock Road in Crawford Bay reported that his truck had either been stolen or borrowed.

•A 911 call from Crawford Bay was attributed to pocket dialing.

November 23

•A father on Canyon-Lister Road reported his underaged daughter took his vehicle without consent. The vehicle was involved in a minor crash shortly afterward on West Creston Road.

•A female who was refusing to leave a Canyon Street business was gone when police arrived.

•A semi went into the ditch on Highway 3/95 near Kingsgate.

•Police were unable to trace the source of a 911 call through the Whimster Road cellphone tower.

November 24

•Calls to 911 through towers on Peters Road and Topaz Creek could not be traced.

•A complaint of threats being uttered was received from Oliver Road in Gray Creek.

•Police who responded to a 911 hang-up call from Kingsgate were told by the male in the residence that he tired of hearing complaints by the female resident, so he called 911, handed her the phone and told her to tell her story to the police.

November 25

•Harassing phone calls to a male on Oliver Road were reported again.

•A male attempted to re-enter Canada through the Rykerts border crossing in the company of a female despite having a court order not to be in contact with her. After finding that he had other outstanding warrants, police arrested him and took him into custody.

•When police responded to a call about phone threats being made from an Aldrich Road residence over a vehicle sale last summer they found a severely intoxicated female. She threatened police officers and was arrested and taken into custody.

•A male was warned after he made sexual comments to a pedestrian.

•A 17-year-old male reported being chased to his home by four other males.

•An occupant of an ATV that crashed on Kidd Creek Forest Service Road was taken to hospital.

•When police responded to a 911 call from Riley Road they determined the phone in the home had no record of a 911 call.