Creston council doles out CBT funds to community

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  • Thu Apr 28th, 2011 3:00pm
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Creston town council voted to disburse about $62,000 to 28 community groups at Tuesday’s regular meeting, then got chastised by Regional District of Central Kootenay board chair John Kettle for not turning over the decision-making to the public.

“I was part one of the drafters of the program and I can tell you the intent was to let the public decide how the community initiatives grants are distributed,” Kettle told council members during question period following the meeting.

Council had already debated and agreed on how much each group would receive.

“One municipality has chosen to return the money rather than follow the rules and another is using it to reduce their taxpayers’ load, which is an absolute no-no,” he said. “The CBT (Columbia Basin Trust) hasn’t enforced the rules but I think they could start, or the entire program could be put in jeopardy.”

Kettle said in his Area B, he appoints representatives from through the area he represents, and does not have a personal vote on how to distribute the funds.”

Columbia Basin Trust allocates funds to each regional district in its area and the regional districts, in turn, create their own formulas to distribute the funds through each area and municipality.

To date, the Town of Creston has invited applications, then followed up with a public meeting in which applicants are invited to attend and answer questions about their funding requests from town council.

The amounts allotted at Tuesday’s meeting are recommendations, and must first be approved by the RDCK board before the grants are handed out to applicants.

Recommendations are as follows:

First Creston Scouts, $2,000

Addiction Recovery Centre, $3,000

Borderline Barrel Racing, $750

Central Kootenay Invasive Plant Committee, $500

Spay Neuter Animal Program, $4,000

Auditorium Society, $1,100

Creston Community Band, $1,250

Creston Judo Club, $4,500

PAWS, $3,000

Creston Wave Swim Team, $1,500

Community Resource Centre, $5,000

Creston and District Society for Community Living, $856

Blossom Festival, $2,500

Chamber of Commerce, $1,500

Creston Community Radio Society, $675

Fall Fair, $1,000

Horse Association, $200

Junior Hockey, $2,000

Figure Skating Club, $5,800

Food Action Coalition, $2,150

Community Greenhouse, $1,800

Airport Society, $1,200

Rowing Society, $1,400

Seniors Association, $3,500

Footlighters, $750

Kootenai Community Centre, $3,793

Legion, $2,000

Sasquatch Arts and Music Society, $1,300