Creston women join together to empower themselves

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In October, 40 women met at the Ramada Creston Hotel to learn about BraveHeart Women, a new organization that shows women how to empower themselves and take action in their community and the world for positive change. Debby Johnson, Annette Agabob, Kendra Lee and Amber Ward hosted this day of inspiration and chapter launch party.

The concepts grew from a young Iranian girl’s dreams after she fled the Iran-Iraq War with her family and emigrated to the U.S. she quickly learned the power of hope, dreams and inspiration. As a young woman, medical doctor Ellie Drake created a platform to teach women how they can help each other as a group in supporting positive solutions for harmony within their lives.

BraveHeart Women originally began as an online community in 2009 with a goal to connect and communicate in meaningful ways with like-minded women from around the globe, explore their life purpose and learn the art of creating and collaborating. It is social networking with a strong purpose to inspire women to be, create and collaborate and is attracting attention from inspired world leaders and celebrities.

Change means facing the fear of change, and Drake teaches conscious breathing and other practices to help women activate the naturally occurring hormone oxytocin as a platform for growth and evolution. Oxytocin is what psychologists call the “tend and befriend” hormone, and is in both men and women. Oxytocin helps to transform fear and stress caused by being in survival mode to states of thriving by promoting calmness and empathy. Some Creston members of BraveHeart spoke about how switching to an oxytocin state of being has changed their stress reactions, making them more effective in making decisions and has improved all aspect of their lives.

The BraveHeart Women online community of over 400,000 birthed the BraveHeart Women Resonate foundation in 2011 with its global mission of creating world harmony at the grassroots level through the development of local chapters that began in January 2012. The presenters explained how oxytocin promotes personal empowerment and greater self-awareness. Attendees learned how this awareness is creating a new culture where women can rise above their reactive patterns to wellness and prosperity. Oxytocin levels felt in the body is evidence of those states.

Attendees were told that the content taught and discussed at the chapter’s meetings supports the individual in her own way while collectively creating a positive ripple effect for greater world harmony. Travelling members can locate a chapter near their destination to visit from a growing number of BraveHeart Women Resonate chapters from around the world.

At the Creston event, Marlene Nash and Tiesja Huscroft entertained with an inspiring rendition of Abba’s I Have a Dream. Refreshments were provided by Retro Café, and the evening concluded with a dinner catered by Dennis Munro, celebrating Creston and one of the first wave of BreavHeart Women chapters in the world.

For more information, contact chapter resonator Debby Johnson as 250-866-5657.