Truth in conversation

Faith in stories that have been passed down through time contains both danger and opportunity.


The Sower and the Seed – Matthew 13:1 – 9

When the word of God is set aside, its power to restrain the evil passions is rejected.


The Sower and the Seed -part 3 Matthew 13:1 – 9

Christ came to sow the world with truth.


The Crisis of Faith

We are taught to put our faith into love

The Sower and the Seed -part 2, Matthew 13:1 – 9

So those who are called to unite with Christ must be prepared to leave all, in order to follow Him.

The Sower and the Seed – Matthew 13:1 -9 -part 1

Like a sower in the field, Christ came to scatter the heavenly grain of truth to illustrate the things of the kingdom of heaven.

Parables of Jesus

Jesus used parables linking divine truth with - the shepherd, the builder,…

We Sit at the Turning Point

Zen work, or spiritual work, or freedom work is alive and well and living in every one of our crises of faith.

Daniel Recap

Daniel’s messages are rich in faithfulness, in prophecy and encouraging messages

Never Alone

I am encouraged by the fact that no matter what the circumstances I am never alone.

Daniel 12:5-7

It is possible that they are angels