Members of the Creston Valley Quad Squad.

Members of the Creston Valley Quad Squad.

Creston Valley Quad Squad more than just an ATV club

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Leading the way for organized, safe and responsible stewardship for all-terrain vehicle (ATV) riding in the Creston Valley, the Creston Valley Quad Squad (CVQS) has been participating in local activities and events, as well as neigbouring clubs’ poker rides and rallies.

The CVQS was formed in 2002 to fill a need for organized ATV recreation and stewardship in the Creston Valley, and is a member of the Quad Riders ATV Association of British Columbia (ATV/BC).

Down through the years, various groups of people have taken the helm and have steered the club to ever ascending heights. With support from his executives and directors, current club president Mike Arlt, has proven himself to be very capable and highly organized. He is the webmaster for the club’s website (, where much time is spent updating information and photos for display. He has overseen the activities of the club for two and a half years, with approximately 60 members of all ages.

Each month, the CVQS hosts an organized group ride to a different location where members can feast their eyes on fantastic scenery. As the season progresses, they can ride to higher elevations. Being at the top of a mountain, looking down at beautiful lakes and valleys far below, gives a person a peace of mind that is not available anywhere else. Having a potluck meal at Boundary Lake or high atop the Iron Range by a small pond makes the delectable food taste heavenly. It is absolutely amazing to see the extravagant dishes that people bring up there, not to mention the burgers that are prepared on-site.

In addition to the organized rides, there are impromptu rides and activities happening all summer long, from April until October, and sometimes even November.

The CVQS has a qualified safety instructor in the group who can provide some education for safe operation of your ATV, including loading, unloading and securing your machine for transport. He provides this course at a reduced rate for club members, and once completed, it enables a 10 per cent reduction on liability insurance.

The club likes to give back to the community, and most recently purchased some pet oxygen masks from Wag’N O2 Fur Life and donated them to the local fire departments. With masks of three different sizes, they can be used to rescue dogs, cats and other pets from burning buildings.

Volunteers have been slashing the Rose Pass of the pesky alders for the past two years. This year, a large number of people showed up and were able to reach the summit and go down the other side (St. Mary’s), for a short distance. Trails such as this one exist at other locations and are considered multi-use trails, open to everyone, whether on a quad, snowmobile, foot or horseback. In the past, trails around Boundary Lake have also been opened up for the enjoyment of the public. Individual members have been doing their own trail clearing and litter cleanup, as well, to help everyone enjoy the outdoors during spring, summer, fall and winter.

Another highlight is the annual quad camp-out. Members sleep in tents for four days, prepare their own food camp-style and explore the area on quads and short hikes. Several areas in the Kootenays have been explored in the past few years in this manner.

Taking part in the Creston Valley Blossom Festival, the 50th anniversary of Kootenay Pass, and other community events helps the club to be a part of the Creston Valley.

A very important activity of the CVQS is the stewardship of the Ripple Ridge Cabin, a very popular winter destination for skiers and snowshoers. It is a non-motorized area during the winter months.

The cabin can be booked for overnight stays through the club website. Members volunteer their time to clean and maintain the cabin so others can enjoy it. Supplying firewood for the winter is a big job.

The CVQS is striving to keep riding areas open for the riding pleasure of members and non-members. All this takes a lot of time and effort.

If you like quadding as much as its members do, you are invited to join the club and “come ride with us.”