Creston hosting martial arts tourney, Deep Water, on June 1

Web Lead

June 1 marks the first annual Deep Water Martial Arts Tournament, held deep in the mountains of British Columbia, in the beautiful Creston Valley. Deep Water promises to be a tournament like no other, featuring many competitive events, seminars and demonstrations in a wide variety of martial styles, special events and panel discussions with some of the leading martial arts masters of our time. Deep Water is more than just a competition; it is an experience and an opportunity to learn and grow your martial arts in a beautiful natural setting.

The tournament itself will feature fighting divisions, hard and soft style forms divisions, weapons fighting divisions and even multiple opponent weapons fighting, which has never before been seen in a martial arts tournament. You won’t be able to miss the iron spirit divisions, in which you’ll see grueling tests of martial willpower in the horse stance competition and the spear/staff targeting.

There will be demonstrations and workshops giving attendees unprecedented personal access to masters of various styles including Qigong, Chinese sword, Tai Chi, kung fu and Escrima. These masters will be generously teaching inner concepts and techniques of their respective styles. Many students train years to have this sort of access!

There will also be a panel discussion featuring many notable masters, discussing deeper themes and topics pertaining to the martial arts. A discussion like this, including accomplished masters of such a variety of styles, is extremely rare anywhere in the world.

Vendors and exhibitors will be on site, providing entertainment, souvenirs and educational opportunities. This year, Deep Water is proud to present Dr. Chen Qi Ming, grand master of Shaolin 18 Lohan Palm, and Chinese doctor for over 50 years. Also we will feature lineage holders and masters in chinese sword, kung fu, and Qigong, as well as a professor of Chinese medicine, a martial anthropologist and more.

Pre-registration is available online; visit for more information. Dive into the Deep Water!