The Teen Take: Life as a teenager isn’t as easy as adults may think

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Elizabeth Nygren is in Grade 11 at Prince Charles Secondary School.

Elizabeth Nygren is in Grade 11 at Prince Charles Secondary School.

Do you know what I hate? People who say that the life of a teenager isn’t difficult. Because come on! It is very difficult. Yeah, I understand it probably gets more difficult as life goes on, but where I’m currently sitting, I’m probably at the most excruciating part of my life so far. I’ve never had so many challenges and projects thrown at me at once. It’s frustrating having so many different tasks at hand all at one time. I am in the 11th Grade and I think it’s way more difficult than it needs to be. I will explain.

As I am a 16-year-old girl, I have many commitments along with school. I would think that all teenagers do. I’ll start with school. All teachers pile on homework, and I never have enough time to do any of it. This semester, I have a very full course load, with pre-calculus 11, social studies 11, chemistry 11, and AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determintaion) 11/12.

Every night, there is always some new work for pre-calculus. It’s ridiculous! I understand that the school year started late, but I think we deserve at least a little bit of a break. Social studies isn’t my best class, so I always need to put extra effort into it, but, like I said, I have no time. It’s as though I can only choose one class to do well in, and all the other ones, I just get a regular lower mark.

Don’t even get me started on Chemistry 11! It is so hard! There are so many different methods of everything, and you practically have to memorize them all! The class needs severe attention, and will drain you for the day if you have it first block.

And AVID 11/12. Not many of you probably know what that is, but it’s basically a planning class, but throws more work and organizational themes at you. Because we are a Grade 11/12 split, we Grade 11’s are doing our graduation transitions this year. So add that to the craziness of my already difficult classes, and what do you get? One really stressed out student! This isn’t even including all the extracurriculars and volunteering and working outside of school.

Of course we all know that when students apply to universities, a lot of schools look at what other contributions you have done in your life, besides your education. It’s probably one of the main reasons students volunteer. Extracurriculars are mainly for interests, like soccer or the school play, but colleges lovewhen you have that, too. And probably almost every student has a job, because they need money for all their wants and needs.

My volunteering includes many things, like the Teen Action Committee. This keeps me busy all the time, and I do something with it at least once a week. It’s hectic. I also write for the paper (obviously, because you’re reading this column) because of the TAC. I’m also involved in some extracurriculars, such as this year’s school play and my school’s yearbook committee. Yearbook committee is especially draining, because sometimes uploading photos is a hassle. I also have my play practices every Tuesday and Thursday, so that’s another commitment. I really don’t know how I’m managing.

And, of course, I have a job. But, I love it, so this one’s a good thing. It almost feels like it’s a break from all the other commitments, and just a time to do regular things that I love, with all of my great coworkers.

So, yeah. The life of a teenager is a difficult one. This is just one way to let you know that the life of a teenager isn’t just roses and daisies. The adults that understand that teenagers are busy are so great, because then they don’t expect us to get everything done all at once and give us a good amount of time to get things done. Teenagers are just as busy as adults. My mom always says that education is a teenager’s job. But there are so many other things that are also very important. So, you could say I’m stressed out, and this article was a great stress reliever for me and I’m glad I could rant. Everyone has their troubles in paradise, but everyone can always get through them.

Elizabeth Nygren is in Grade 11 at Prince Charles Secondary School. The Teen Take is a column co-ordinated by the Teen Action Committee.