Workers learn and use a wide range of skills at Spectrum Farms.

Workers learn and use a wide range of skills at Spectrum Farms.

Special needs workers learn wide range of skills at Creston’s Spectrum Farms

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Spectrum Farms is located at 849 Erickson Rd. across from Centennial Park. It is also right next to the Therapeutic Riding Program. There are huge gardens, greenhouses, gorgeous trees, pretty green grass and beautiful flowers on-site. Every year, people with special needs are hired to grow and harvest fruit and vegetables for the markets, raise free-range chickens, and raise sheep for food and wool.

At the Wednesday on-site markets and the downtown Creston Valley Farmers’ Market, Spectrum Farms has its stand set up for you to buy fresh produce straight from its gardens. It sells fresh tender, chewy, bagels for you to eat at home. These are made twice weekly at a local cooking program.

Spectrum Farms keeps sheep to sell the wool. Its also has baby lambs for meat and to increase the herd. It will soon get a donkey to help run with the sheep.

With your support many things could happen for the farm, such as expanding the housing choices and job opportunities.

The Kootenay Region Association for Community Living (KRACL) recognizes and supports the rights of all people with disabilities to a quality life in the community.

Spectrum Farms relies on volunteers to keep it running and is looking for more volunteers to help out. Your support keeps it sustainable. Tax-deductible donations to KRACL are gladly accepted. Let’s see how we can make a difference!