Students in the Adam Robertson Elementary School play

Students in the Adam Robertson Elementary School play

Photos from Adam Robertson Elementary School play, ‘Blowin’ in the Wind’

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Adam Robertson Elementary School students were treated to a Remembrance Day production to, well, remember, on Friday as Grade 7 students took to the stage to present an all-local play, Blowin’ in the Wind. Written by their teacher, Tanya Poznikoff, the play depicts young men marching off to war and leaving their wives, girlfriends and families behind.

“I have always created drama productions with my classes for Focus on Youth, assemblies and the Remembrance Day ceremony,” said Poznikoff. “Once I know the students, I try to write something with their individual talents/personalities/struggles in mind. The narration or thoughts read by the two boys are experiences I think soldiers and those left behind would feel. A couple of the thoughts were real quotes, one by Khalil Gibran and one by Jimmy Carter.

“Before I wrote the play, I read excerpts from soldiers going to war and from mothers and wives left behind so I could get a variety of ideas and opinions. This way, the work reflects many views, not just my own. The students all come from different backgrounds but recognize that they must respect the anti-war philosophy, as well as the proud veterans who have served.”

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