@ Your Library: New books ordered for Creston library

Web Lead

Our grant cheque from the province of B.C. has just been electronically added to the library chequing account and the line from a Bugs Bunny show comes immediately to my mind, “Let the bells ring out and the banners fly.” Our financial reality has just gone from scary to bright and shiny and the very best news is we can resume book, magazine and audio purchasing. Many thanks to our patrons, who have been extraordinarily patient and accepting of the lack of new material coming into the library for past few months. Orders are going in Monday and the several hundred requests I have received along with the Booker shortlist will be the first ones in.

I am very pleased to announce two new staff members to the library team. Gail Southall and Jackie Hula began work last week and so far, have not left the building screaming. I think they might like us. You might recall Gail from her role as food action co-ordinator and she has maintained a profile in the community through the Creston Valley Food Action Coalition. Jackie and family moved to Creston from Alberta, where Jackie had a great deal of experience in a high school library and municipal library. The long-range plan is to arrange for more programs for adults and for young adults in the library as both Gail and Jackie have special interests in these areas. Both have currently begun getting to know patrons and the collection by working on the circulation desk.

What a different summer so far in the library without the fruit pickers! The only people out smoking in front of the building have been library OneCard users from Nelson. A very brave patron expressed her dissatisfaction directly to them as she was walking out. I was quite happy not to have to go out and play stern librarian, as I am saving up for the hordes of pickers rumoured to be arriving during the long weekend.

We have had a far greater number of tourists dropping in than I have seen in the past and while most make use of the wireless Internet, there are still those who use the patron access computers to catch up on all things computer. Not surprisingly, we are also seeing more visitors coming in to use the wireless to Skype and to update their smartphones, BlackBerrys and other handheld devices. What a different picture of a library would make now compared to 20 years ago!

Ann Day is the chief librarian at the Creston and District Public Library.