The Hunger Games and its sequel are popular at the Creston and District Public Library.

The Hunger Games and its sequel are popular at the Creston and District Public Library.

@ Your Library: Creston copy of Hunger Games to be well-read

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If you haven’t read The Hunger Games or the other two books in the trilogy, Catching Fire and Mockingjay, and you are thinking of going to the movie when it arrives at the Tivoli, you might want to get on the reserve list fairly soon. There is always a jump on reserves when a book is made into a movie, and in this case, apparently a very successful movie. One of our staff members recommended the book to the rest of us long before hearing about the movie and those of us who read the books gave emphatic thumbs up and look forward to seeing the movie.

Another great book now on DVD recently acquired by the library is HBO’s Game of Thrones. I mentioned the book by George R.R. Martin in an earlier column as one I enjoyed immensely, but I had to print out a flow chart of the characters to keep track of them. The distributors of the DVD have done that very thing for viewers and enclosed a chart of the families that makes following along much easier. The author shows no mercy in maintaining the lives or good health of any of his main characters and there are a number of high profile people involved. The look of the film is wonderful and with few exceptions, the casting, to my way of thinking was really well done.

We had a list of reserves for Downton Abbey’s second season even before the DVD had left the warehouse, and it along with season one would definitely be listed as among our top ten circulation items right now.

Just one more new DVD addition to the collection I will draw attention to and that is the newest incarnation of Sherlock Holmes titled Sherlock. The setting is now and the location is London, and there has been some care in adding some quirky touches to the production that not only enhance the story but add another level of understanding to the events.

Again, the library walls are graced with a delightful art show thanks to Lori Wikdahl, the arts council co-ordinator, and Daryl Pompu and his daughter, Ashley, who are the featured artists. The pictures are in the main library along with the meeting room. They are definitely worth a special trip to the library.

David Suzuki’s film, Tipping Point, will be featured three times in April, with the first one April 14 and then again on April 20 and 21.

We have also added an events calendar to the library homepage where you can find times and dates for storytime, the Young Adult YXpress, films being shown and any special events the library might be having. The calendar is right above another addition to the homepage, and that is the computer question of the week. One of our less technology inclined staff members (but extremely skilled in the area of reader’s advisory) is supplying the questions right now and our tech staff is supplying the responses. Hopefully they will answer questions you might have.

Ann Day is the chief librarian and the Creston and District Public Library.