Wynndel resident wants neighbours to make less noise

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To the Editor:

I just had to write a letter to emphasize the enormous noise and air pollution the residents of Elsie Holmes Road commit to their beautiful neighbourhood. When I built my home on Elsie Holmes Road, I thought I had the most beautiful place in the world to spend the last days of my existence on earth. I have learned to regret that decision.

It seems that the neighborhood is determined to disturb anybody from enjoying the peaceful setting, especially the neighbor that decided to mow their lawn on Mother’s Day evening from 5-8 p.m., the first really nice day to enjoy the evening on the deck. And this neighbor constantly complains about the barking dogs next door. Do they not realize that one form of noise pollution is no different than another?

I just wonder who these people are trying to impress because nobody cares how short their lawn is mowed. If everybody would let their lawn grow to four inches or wait two weeks before cutting, they would save a lot on lawnmower gas and less air pollution and they would have a much healthier lawn. And, do not water! Grass is designed to go into hibernation when it gets hot and dry. Sure it turns brown, but so what, nobody cares. And you don’t have to spend your weekend cutting it and annoying everybody around you. Go with nature.

I have lost my love with Wynndel because of this annoying invasion on my ability to enjoy my place in peace. If I could sell, I’d be gone in a minute.

Bryan Wuzinski