With Harper out, Canada may be respected once again

Web Lead

To the Editor:

Election 2015 is behind us and the voices from across Canada were heard loud and clear. After nearly a decade of Stephen Harper’s dictatorial rule and his many damaging policies, we finally have sent him packing.

It is my hope that the new government will deliver what they promised and also what a strong majority of Canadians want: action to reduce greenhouse gas emission, the confrontation of climate change, support for the renewable energy sector and support for carbon pricing through carbon taxes. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and our new government have a huge job ahead of them and will need our full co-operation.

“Our faith in the people is strong. And our dreams for this beautiful country will never die.” Justin Trudeau’s father Pierre Elliott Trudeau spoke these words.

My faith in Elizabeth May as a minister of the environment is also very strong. Together with the new government, we can make our Canada great and respected again.

Henry Dahle