Wishing best to Canada on birthday

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To the Editor:

I would like to begin my letter by wishing a happy birthday to a most beautiful lady, who will be turning 144 years young on July 1. And her name is — you guessed it — Canada. She truly is a lovely and unique country, in which we all love and respect her very much, a real sweetheart indeed.

Also, never forget the legacy of Sir John A. MacDonald (1815-1891), our nation’s first prime minister and the “Father of Confederation”, because if it wasn’t for his foresight and vision, Canada would not exist!

To change topics, my philosophy is this: I believe the gun registry should be scrapped (despite the fact I don’t own a shotgun, rifle or handgun), when that $1 billion spent on it could have been used to fight poverty, hunger and illiteracy. It is also imperative to maintain a constant vigilance against any type of extremism and ideology, whether it be foreign or domestic, as this would strengthen national unity. Finally, I also believe in equality for all, both men and women. Not bed for someone who was originally an NDP supporter for a few years, until the 1980s, when I became Conservative (for reasons of my own).

In conclusion, it is important to enjoy every minute of every day, because life is too short to be angry, miserable, cranky and cynical. What the world needs is more optimism, faith and compassion. Anyway, everyone take care, keep thinking positively, have a great summer, see you at the festivities on Canada Day and may God bless!

Allan Clement