Why do we hate?

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Emily Ritter-Riegling

Emily Ritter-Riegling

Why do we hate? Just a few days ago I was asked this question by one of my teachers. Why do we hate those who are different from us? I can try to make up my own answer as to why I think we hate. I can make something up that would be logical to explain why we feel this intense dislike for someone.

To be honest, I think asking why we hate is not right. Instead we should be asking why some people hate. I don’t think I hate anyone, not to the extent that I’m referring to, at least. I know many people who don’t hate. I do have dislikes of certain people but hate is an entirely different thing.

Some people will hate others for their skin colour, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or culture. But the question is why? Why is it that the pigment of someone’s skin determines if they will be hated or not? Why does it matter who someone loves, or what god they do or don’t believe in? In the long run it is irrelevant because we are more alike than we can know.

It is hard to know why people will hate others for these kinds of things but it can probably be traced back to the way they were raised. Often, if someone was raised in a racist household, they will grow to be racist adults. Not always – but we do learn a lot from what our parents do or say.

There are so many negative stereotypes for every group of people that can influence how others think of them. These stereotypes can invoke anger or fear which lead to hate. These feelings of fear and anger, based off of stereotypes come from lack of knowledge about a certain group of people.

If only there was a way to let everyone in the world be informed about each other. If we could just teach each other that what makes us different makes us special and unique and should be shared and treasured – not hated. If we could learn to give each other a chance and greet others with intentions of love instead of hate this world would be a better place.

Why do we hate, when we could love and be happy?