West Creston senior on waiting list for two doctors

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To the Editor:

There was a time some 46 years ago when I was needed, rushed as a serviceman of mobile homes to the most remote places of B.C., Saskatchewan and northern Alberta to repair, servicing mobile homes of ranchers, prospectors, farmers and teachers. Later, I worked till early morning to meet deadlines of high fliers in the oil industry dealing in million-dollar schemes. I drove thousands of miles back and forth to Kootenay Lake and plowed my money and sweat into fabulous properties and eventually sold them as I was forced to. I worked another 13 years to develop a disaster of a “jungle” in West Creston to make it my home to cherish and be proud of. I have given this country two children and countless thousands of tax dollars.

Now, after my two previous doctors retired and the third one had to leave town I am proud to be informed: You are on the waiting list! In two places at that, eh?

Sadly, I do have more complex issues to deal with than a pain or discomfort. Much more than what a visit to emergency department can solve. I am relegated to the “scrap heap of history”. I am nearly 68 and I need a dedicated doctor that can resolve my internal problems, and I find it sad, tragic and unpleasant to beg a specialist in Cranbrook to do an investigation of my insides not knowing who to send his findings to. Will I have to arrange my own chemotherapy?

Yes, I am disappointed that a long time ago with bright eyes, ready and willing, I donned my coveralls and gloves and went to salvage the situation as I was told. I am sad that the country that I chose — that is my home (and there is no better!) — has money for sending our young men to spill their blood on the other side of the world but has no money to look after its own right here. May the good Lord have mercy on all those following in our footsteps.

Frank Belavy

West Creston