West Creston resident concerned about quad traffic

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To the Editor:

For the last 10 years, I have been observing ever-increasing traffic on Simmons Road, and I assume on all roads in our community. For now, I will concentrate on the junction of Smith Road (which is less frequented) and Simmons Road.

I was a witness to very serious accident about three years ago, involving children of the same family. There were no RCMP or ambulance and everything was hushed up within three hours.

Lately, one family and other neighbors are increasingly using their quads. I am not objecting to anybody’s pursuit of happiness, leisure and their toys. However, to my knowledge, there is no ministerial permit that allows use of a quad or unlicensed motorcycle on a public road, especially not while a member of the family sits behind or two innocent children are in front, literally on the handlebars, barreling down the road at 80 clicks at 10 p.m. with no helmet and no lights. Still with me? I am observing more and more near misses at this intersection (where, of all things, the mailboxes are located). Sooner or later, a horrific accident is going to happen and I am very concerned to say the least.

My wife is terrified to leave home, and if she drives, we are literally crawling getting onto Simmons. And I must mention that nearby is an individual with two sets of water drilling machinery — that is, two huge trucks and a smaller pickup.

Now, who will pay for the lifetime support of the quadriplegic who will try so desperately to explain that he meant no harm, and was just warming up his machine?

You see, on occasion there are two or three trips of a quad within an hour. I have informed the local RCMP of this situation in the past on a couple of occasions, but regret to inform that I have never seen a patrol car once near this extremely dangerous intersection nabbing the speeders or law breakers at the right time in the early morning or evening hours, past working time. Once the tragedy happens, it will be too late to raise my hand and testify to the lunacy and abuse of privilege to live in this peaceful and quiet setting.

So far, I was asked to identify the individuals and testify in court. But to be hated by the entire community as a whistleblower, while everybody else knowing about this is hiding and quiet? Even a prominent lawyer living in our community has not raised his hand and pointed a finger. So I do at least warn everybody to watch out and crawl. Beware of quads!

Frank Belavy

West Creston