West Creston resident appreciates medical care in Creston and Cranbrook

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To the Editor:

Far too often, I hear tales of woe from relatives, friend and even complete strangers about the shortcomings of B.C.’s health services. As my own recent experience was totally positive, I thought I would share it with readers of the Advance while passing on my thanks to those concerned.

I received exemplary care from Drs. Oberleitner and Persad at Creston Valley Hospital’s emergency room, from Dr. Fluss at the Creston Optometric Eye Centre and from Dr. Ho Yuen in Cranbrook for a puzzling, potentially serious, but ultimately happily resolved eye problem. They were all quick, thorough, extremely skilled and, last but by no means least, patient and sympathetic.

Warmest thanks to the doctors and their staff. With people of this quality providing care, our public health service is something to be proud of.

Martha McLaren

West Creston