War commemoration a bad use of tax dollars

Web Lead

To the Editor:

(Re: “Briefs from Jan. 31 regular Creston town council meeting”)

Coun. Wes Graham requested that staff explore funding opportunities from the federal government to commemorate the War of 1812? Har har, matey!

Is this the same federal government that axed funding to climate change scientists, to the National Research Council and to fisheries and ocean technicians in order to reduce our ability to monitor environmental degradation? The same federal government that promises change to the old age pension even though pre-election demographics mirror post-election demographics? The same federal government about to slam down a budget that will rent more holes in our social safety system than a volley of cannon fire from yon distant shore?

Alas and alack. Methinks it best we raise a flagon of grog at federal expense. But hark: We live to vote another day.

Tanna Patterson