War a reminder of death and suffering

Web Lead

To the Editor:

Over 100 years ago, humanity witnessed the outbreak of the First World War that claimed 17 million killed, followed by the Second World War that claimed 50 million victims. We are now practically into a third world war, a war against nature, and all will be losers if we destroy what the Creator has so generously provided for us.

One would think that humanity would have learned from these catastrophic events and that the 21st century would be a century of peace. But regretfully that is not so.

The Iraq war that was started in 2003 by George W. Bush was a disaster that cost many lives and did not create peace in this region. We have conflicts in many parts of the world and politicians are still trying to solve them with force. Canada is at war and people are getting killed with Canadian bombs. We Canadians allow our industries to produce all kinds of weapons and other war materials, the tools of war and help to fuel armed conflicts all over the world.

No, we are by no means a peace-loving nation. Destruction and suffering are the result and millions of people lose their homes and their country, and hope to find another part in the world to live in.

For those of us who experienced war as teenagers and had bombs dropped on us, were shot at and saw blood and death around us, it is impossible to think of any war being a Great War. Fathers, relatives and even some of our older schoolmates are buried somewhere in the world.

So remembering war for me is remembering death, blood, tears and suffering.

Henry Dahle