Walk-in clinic could ease pressure on Creston hospital

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To the Editor:

(Re: “Walk-in clinic not a solution to Creston ER waits”)

After reading the letter from Mayor Ron Toyota I am compelled to write myself. My wife and I have been in Creston going on three years and find it impossible to even get on a waiting list for a family doctor. I am not alone.

I believe there are more than 2,000 people in Creston and area without a family doctor. I know of folks who have had to get doctors in Trail and Nelson because no one is available here. I have spent two and three hours to get a prescription filled, and because I have a history of high cholesterol, I asked if I could have it checked. I was told that I looked healthy and they did not believe it was necessary to be tested but if I had a family doctor they could do it. Thanks, Doc.

I do not know if Mr. Toyota has had to wait three hours for a prescription but I do not think the masses that have no doctors want to wait three hours in the emergency area during flu season just for a refill.

I believe a walk-in clinic or something similar should be considered as it could ease the pressure on the hospital where the doctors could have the time to be doctors.

Don Mantie