Voters need to elect Canadian Senate to keep government in line

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To the Editor:

I have made all Canadian people a promise that I will make a relentless pursuit to have the embattled Senate abolished. As everyone has seen recently in the battle going on in Ottawa of the abuse by some of the members in regard to false expense claims, it is nothing new and has been done for years.

I have written the Harper government that we need to have an elected Senate. As it is right now, the appointed Senate is controlled by the elected government. I don’t find that acceptable. Take a good look at the mess we’re in.

I and others knew all along about the abuse by the senators. We, the taxpayers, have had enough. Period. We have nothing but disdain for the likes of Duffy and other guilty members who are abusing their positions. Now, due to our writing, they will be out of their positions with no pay and no severance. These three senators are just the tip of the iceberg.

When the voters elect a Senate of their choosing, they will keep the government in line so the current mess does not happen again. In a matter related to this mess, take a look at the trading market. Who would want to invest with us? I would not, and believe me, we need foreign investment.

In passing, I have stated that I would welcome an educated person with impeccable credentials to come forward and lead us in forming a new government. I have in mind such a person, if she will concede to give up retirement and say yes to our plight: former member of Parliament Deborah Gray.

Richard L. Cote