Voluntary meters in downtown Creston would help non-profit groups

Web Lead

To the Editor:

It was exciting for me to read in “Free parking downtown extended indefinitely by Creston council” that council is considering staff’s report on possibly having the parking meters serve as voluntary donation meters that support our local charities.

Ten years ago, such an option was presented in the downtown revitalization manual, which would have made it the first in the nation to do such a program (if not the world). Now there are a few other communities that have artistically beautified donation parking meters. Just Google and you can find wonderful photos of them with their inspiring stories.

Just imagine how voluntary meters can enhance the quality of our town and community!

All the proceeds collected from the meters can go toward local service groups and charities. The high visibility of the charity parking meters can inspire donating and make it easy to do so. People will be able to drop their spare change into the meter when they are downtown and some may even bring in their dresser drawer change to load up the meters.

Having the donation meters can free up the charity groups’ time and energy for delivering their unique valued service rather than constantly having to fundraise.

The town can also work with the local artists to make each meter also into folk art. Each unique meter can be an expression of the caring qualities of this community. It will be like having sculptures throughout downtown. Who said we were boring?

Do you know what else? We could catch the attention of the media, thereby indirectly promoting our area. Folks visiting who see the meters can get a good impression of our community. Setting this kind of impression can also attract new residents who are aligned with our caring considerate local culture.

We have an amazing town council and administration. I am sure they can also find a way to make this happen. Where there is a will there is a way.

I look forward to living in a community with kindness donation parking meters. I hope others do too.

Debby Johnson