Use foresight to help make good choices

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To the Editor:

We are all born with a sixth sense and gain foresight as we live. We don’t use it or apply it enough each day. We all have choices and use them every day.

Easter is coming soon. Does that mean an early spring? Start planting.

I can’t help thinking what Easter means. Have you asked yourself what would you have done had you been there when they crucified our Lord? Would you have shouted out with the crowd, “Crucify him”? Would you have feared the lash and yelled out again? Just maybe, would you help carry his cross? Too afraid? Maybe you would go stand by his mother, Mary, and give her support. When you believe in the heavenly Father, that makes Jesus your heavenly brother.

You don’t have to go to church to believe, just read your Bible. Jesus lay in the ground three days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. That does not make three days, for he was raised up early Sunday morning.

In Mark chapters 15 and 16, you will read that one went for spices the day before the Sabbath and one after. Two days between gives us three days. So the Bible does not lie. Writers speak and write; the reader must use his common sense.

Think of planting seeds in the spring and the harvest in the fall. Think of Halloween, a really fun night for children to remember.

Go to a door, knock and teach your child to say “Trick or treat”, as I did. The door opened and big man, older, said, “Well, who do we have here?” A little voice said, “Trick or treat.” The big man said, “I have a real one for you,” and hands him a baggie.

I looked in and saw seeds of all kinds, and a half-eaten apple core, chewed in someone’s mouth, full of germs. He laughed and I said, “You should be ashamed of yourself, giving children such a dirty trick, spreading germs.” He slammed the door and we threw the seeds on his veranda, and said, “You keep the seeds, apple cores, peach pits, grape seeds and germs. Shame on you!” We didn’t go much farther around the corner toward home, and looked at all our treats and decided we should say “Sweet and treat” hereafter.

Look at what happened over the years — lethal objects put in treats to hurt children by real spoilsports using cruelty to teach one dirty tricks.

Was common sense used? Do people give parties because they lost trust in a fun night? I’d say someone had no foresight. We do have six senses.

Mary Jane Matze