Upgraded Creston intersection doesn’t change traffic pattern enough

Web Lead

To the Editor:

Who’s kidding who? The new stoplight and all the landscaping that cost millions of dollars has changed nothing in the traffic pattern. It just looks nice. The vehicles still have to turn left or right or go straight through. Nothing has changed except the congestion has now moved up to Vancouver Street and Northwest Boulevard.

I have written twice before on the problem of the logging trucks, gravel trucks and 50-foot highway haulers that unnecessarily use Canyon Street (Highway 3). An accident is just waiting to happen with a truck driver having a stroke or aneurism, and resulting carnage could be so horrendous that the emergency vehicles, ambulances and police could not get to the scene.

Shame on town hall and the Christy Clark government for the bribe project at Pine Street for a supporting vote in the 2017 provincial election! The imperfection and irresponsibility in our new council is obviously “same old same old.”

Michael Bunn