Upgraded Creston Curling Centre made hosting BC Masters championships possible

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To the Editor:

What a difference a few years makes! It was seven years ago when a referendum was passed that gave us the renewed Creston and District Community Complex (CDCC) we have today. From that decision and through the efforts of the design team, we have a community complex that is the talk of the region and one that all residents of the surrounding area can be proud to have and use for 12 months of the year.

The phrase, “If you build it, they will come,” really applies. The Creston Curling Centre was host to the 2014 BC Masters Curling Championships March 5-9. For five days, Creston was on display to 16 teams who came from all regions of the province to compete. In a round-robin playdown, the men’s Will team from Sparwood and the women’s Jeffries team from the Alberni Valley won and advance to the nationals that will be held in Coaldale, Alta., at the end of March.

Creston’s hospitality shone as about 100 volunteers and officials helped stage this competition at the complex. About 100 curlers, including spouses and coaches, were overwhelmed with their experience at the CDCC. The work of the volunteer committee at the curling centre, under the direction of Cathy Robinson, was incredible. From fundraising, advertising, transportation and officiating through to hospitality and ice making, the centre was on display to the provincial curlers and Curl BC. The wow factor about our complex was stated again and again! The friendly staff and help at the front desk to the ongoing cleaning and care in every corner of the facilities by the maintenance staff were evident by all those who came to compete. This, together with the support of our many sponsors, helped make the 2104 Masters an event that all participants will never forget.

Without a doubt, this facility is the best-run business in town. My appreciation as a user of the complex and as a taxpayer is extended to the members of the Regional District of Central Kootenay Creston Valley service committee, who continue to search for opportunities to improve the use and management of this facility. Your commitment to this effort is evident as the complex has morphed to its current operation today. It will continue to evolve to be better and better. We have come a long way since the referendum. We have a facility that we can be proud to display and use.

“If you build it, they will come.” True! Now we need a bigger parking lot!

Ross Gowan, President

Creston Curling Centre