U.S. uses invasion and war to get what it wants

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To the Editor:

Reading the news, one wonders if the U.S. ruling class has gone insane? It is waging wars all over the planet, and preparing for yet bigger wars. Any country possessing anything that U.S. wants is going to be invaded by Americans themselves or their hirelings.

Besides its war against eastern Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Yemen, the U.S. is now also conducting NATO war games in Europe. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is the disreputable U.S. military alliance in Europe, and they assembled some 30.000 troops, about half of which are American (the rest belong to European NATO countries), 3,000 vehicles, 100 aircraft and 12 vessels. Bulgaria and Romania refused to join these games — good for them.

According to www.russia-insider.com, “NATO claims this is all strictly ‘defensive’ in nature, designed to deter Russian aggression — but who is the real aggressor? … It is the Western powers who, ever since the fall of the U.S.S.R., have pushed eastward relentlessly, expanding the ‘defensive’ NATO alliance to include such useless nonentities as Albania and Montenegro, and even extending ‘associate’ status to distant Georgia. Their policy has been to eliminate the buffer between NATO and Russia, absorbing previously neutral Ukraine into the Western orbit by means of a violent coup d’etat, and launching a propaganda war that targets Russian President Vladimir Putin as the second coming of Stalin.”

In the words of NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, these war games are to send a clear message to Russia. Mr. Stoltenberg appears to have the same memory loss as his handlers in Washington, and I think the man in the moon has a better understanding of the nature of NATO and its activities than Mr. Stoltenberg.

People who follow U.S. foreign policy know that the official explanations on various wars and other criminal activities are nothing but shameless lies. Each event has a different pattern but the underlying fabric is the same in every case — to benefit American corporate interests.

The most recent criminal false-flag event in the U.S. was the shooting at a nightclub in Orlando, Fla., on June 12. 50 people died and as many were injured. The shooter, Omar Mateen, is said to have been a lone shooter, but witnesses report of several shooters.

Website www.globalresearch.ca states, “The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation tried to ‘lure’ Orlando shooter Mateen into committing a terror plot in 2013 through the planting of an informant in his life, revelations that raise serious questions about the FBI’s indirect role in shaping the recent Orlando terror attack through its entrapment policies.” The attack was conveniently organized just when there is debate among U.S. rulers about a possible massive American attack on Syrian government forces.

In Europe, meanwhile, the United Kingdom voted to exit the European Union. This hit the Brussels and Washington ruling class like an earthquake. France, Austria and Holland also want to have referendums on staying or leaving. Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary and Greece want to exit outright.

Many people think the election of a new president will bring needed changes, but they are badly mistaken. All U.S. presidential elections are rigged, and Wall Street bankers decide who gets into the White House.

Anton Skerbinc