Truth about Syrian invasion must be exposed

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To the Editor:

Most readers are familiar with the Obama-Kerry push for bombing Syria. What is really behind it? First and foremost, Syria is an ally of Iran and Russia. Iran was a prize coveted by Bush-Obama, though not low-hanging fruit. When you go back in history, you will be shocked that in the 1990s there was a plan to destroy seven countries in five years. Gen. Wesley Clark learned about it shortly after 9-11 and was rightly shocked. Targeted countries were Iraq, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Somalia, Sudan and Iran.

We all know about the illegal, immoral invasion, occupation and destruction of Iraq based on a pack of lies. We saw what happened to Libya and Gaddafi. NATO bomb-paved the road from Benghazi to Tripoli for al-Qaida terrorists. The most prosperous African country is in shambles, and Gaddafi’s dream to sell oil for dinars instead of fake dollars or Euros is gone. So is some $150 billion of Libya’s savings.

Iran proved to be a price too high to pay. Not even Bush dared to bomb or invade. Thus the road to Tehran must come through Damascus — or so warmongers thought.

The Arab Spring for Syria turned into a pipe dream. The majority of Syrians supported the “bad” Assad. China and Russia did not allow a Libyan repeat in Syria. Al-Qaida terrorists, backed by Arab dictatorships and western politicos, got stuck. A new game plan was devised: Obama drew an imaginary red line in case chemical weapons were used by the Assad regime. Never mind that al-Qaida terrorists used sarin in March; a false flag was needed. Just as UN weapons inspectors arrived at Damascus, a chemical attack happened, right on time, a few kilometres from the hotel where inspectors were staying. The problem? Day in, day out, thanks to Russia, Putin, independent media and the Internet, the false flag was exposed. Facts flew in the face of Kerry and Obama. Putin called Kerry a liar. Russia was not giving the U.S./NATO a free pass for an aggression. To make matters worse, rebels admitted to an AP reporter it was they who caused chemical weapons discharge. In addition, Turkish officials caught terrorists with sarin in Turkey.

Motives, means and opportunity pointed 10 out of 10 fingers at terrorists, not Assad. Assad might be anything, but he is not stupid. Why would he give western politicos, Arab dictatorships and their handlers an excuse to bomb the hell out of Syria? He saw what happened to Iraq and Libya.

So, after two and a half years of bloody war, tens of thousands of deaths and millions of displaced and refugees, there is still no regime change in Syria. Desperate warmongers are being shown what they are: ruthless, spineless mass murderers for whom nothing is sacred.

One thing is for sure: Nobody believes Obama, Kerry, Biden, Cameron, Harper or Netanyahu anymore when they scream about democracy, human rights, justice, freedom or humanity. A cynical unholy trinity emerged: fake Islam (Arab dictatorships), fake Christianity (western politicos) and fake Judaism (Tel Aviv/Zionism). They have many things in common: counting blood shekels, and the gospel of kill-steal-destroy, deception and greed, to name just a few.

Fellow Advance readers, would you support Arab dictatorships in bringing their al-Qaida terrorists to Canada, murdering opponents, cannibalizing victims, executing boys and prisoners, and wiping out Christian villages? If not, call your MP and the prime minister to stop our government aiding and abetting al-Qaida terrorists in Syria and push for a true solution in Syria as Putin’s Russia does.

Vladimir Certik

West Creston