Trouble with Trudeau

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Dear Prime Minister Trudeau:

Is it possible, sir, that you might be bi-polar? I am quite serious in this enquiry as I am observing such incomprehensible behaviour on your part as to cause me to be concerned both for yourself and for the millions of Canadians who have entrusted you with governing our country.

Your promise of Parliamentary sunny ways has resulted in elbowing in the House of Commons and generic non-responses to enquiries from other parties in Question Period when MPs are simply seeking answers and reasonable justification for government actions. This has resulted in clouding issues and wasting time in posturing instead of getting the job done.

Your promise to improve the lifestyles of lower and middle class Canadians has manifested into preferential treatment of billionaires and cash for access events that appear questionable.

Your lavish spending (the Canadian debt is now approaching $640B) and Bon Jovi-style posturing as a globe-trotter is juxtaposed to now sudden meager spending when it comes to allowing veterans to have cannabis in reasonable amounts compensated by government coffers due to their service and resultant suffering from depression and PTSD.

Your promise to seek alternatives to fossil fuel dependency has now become a pipeline approval that threatens the B.C. coast and communities, as well as farmland flooding for a dam in the Peace River Valley in order to create electricity for the fracking industry.

Your commitment to make 2015 the last year for first-past-the-post elections in our country is now rationalized by you as a change no longer needed since Canadians are now so happy with the current government. You even instructed your own minister to cast blame for this on the committee struck to investigate alternative voting systems. We know it was you and not her who gave the green light to throw those MPs under the bus in order to justify keeping the voting system untouched.

Quite seriously sir, I am concerned about your mental state and the state of my country as a result.

Ms. Pat Martin

Creston B.C.