Toyota the best choice for mayor of Creston

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To the Editor:

If you were happily married for over 40 years, raised three children and had a successful business career, travelled widely, had retired recently, were financially secure and in good health, what would you do? Ron Toyota ran for mayor.

When Ron was first elected in 2008, he inherited a dismal situation in a collapsing economy. During the previous eight years, the town’s operating costs had increased 80 per cent (over four times the growth of population and inflation combined, according to the Canadian Federation of Independent Business municipal spending watch), the town had been involved in several lawsuits, the community was divided, and progress and new investment had nearly stopped.

Three years after Ron was elected (despite a difficult economy), the town and the whole valley are much better off. For the first time in years, the town is not involved in any litigation, operational spending has stabilized, new positive relations have been developed with First Nations and other area politicians, and organizations such as the chamber of commerce and the valley are working together for a better future.

It is comforting to see this positive change with all the new investment in Creston, both private and by government. We now have the finest rec facilities in the Kootenays, multi-unit seniors housing nearing completion and a huge private investment in the Ramada hotel complex under construction, and hopefully more to come.

Ron is running for re-election and has earned our support. We are very fortunate to have him.

John Huscroft