Tourist grateful for help from Creston residents

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To the Editor:

I recently had an unfortunate vehicle breakdown while entering the Creston Valley Mall. My truck decided to blow a diesel injector line and stall with my trailer almost clear of Highway 3. Panic was the immediate reaction as diesel oil spurted out of my engine right there in the entranceway. I called for a tow truck and fire department and just then, a kind gentleman came walking over and settled me down assuring me the problem was not as bad as I assessed. Another car drove up and my two experts diagnosed the problem, and yes, Mike and Jim, you were right on with your assessment. Thank you so much for calming me down.

Thanks to 24 Hour Towing for getting my truck to repair and cleaning up the diesel mess in the entranceway. And Creston Fire Rescue, thanks for coming and assessing the fire situation. It is fortunate diesel has a low flash point or disaster would surely have resulted.

Just then an unbelievable act of kindness took place. I am amazed there are still wonderful people in the world such as the couple going to Vancouver. My trailer was unhitched and stranded in the mall lot and this shopping couple recognized this fact. They insisted on unhooking their RV, drove over to my RV, hooked up and backed it to a safe sidewalk spot, unhooked and hitched their own back up. They were so kind, and my offers of some reward were refused with, “Glad to help. What goes around comes around!” It sure did refresh my mind on how great people can be. Thank you, folks, and I sure hope your “comes around” comes real soon for you both.

Thanks, Sheldon and Kokanee Ford, for your speedy repair service. The truck worked just fine the rest of my trip. Ron and Donna Phillips, you are such fine people and I can’t thank you enough for all the help you extended to us — a yard full of people and you still assisted us with genuine class. Creston is a wonderful community and it is the local people who make it so great.

Dan Boyle

Williams Lake