Tips to avoid damage from flying rocks on the highway

Tips to avoid damage from flying rocks on the highway

Don’t follow too close.

Number one is don’t follow too close. The gravel will be blown around and usually gathers on the centre line and the sides. If the vehicle in front of you wanders into the center or off to the side then rocks will fly.

When coming to a hill with a passing lane then check behind you and if you see a Jacked–up truck with monster tires coming up fast behind you then slow down and edge a bit over to the right as this guy or gal, usually wearing a ball cap and white sunglasses has one thing in mind and that is to roar past you on that rock is strewn passing lane and spray you with gravel.

Also, watch the oncoming traffic. Meeting them on inside and outside corners is usually when a rock will be thrown at you. Especially if it’s a pickup with tires that extend out past the fender flares, which is illegal but chooses to be ignored by our CVSE people.

Give snowplows lots of room. These operators have a heavy workload in the cab plus they are monitoring the sand they are putting out and they have to watch for oncoming traffic so they can turn the spinner off when this traffic meets them. If they can’t turn the spinner off in time then you will know it. Note the date and time if you want to make a formal complaint.

Be courteous but be safe.

I’ve had vehicles pass and cut right in front of me. This is really hard on the front of your vehicle. What I do is if I have to pass a vehicle then I will wait until I have lots of room and I will pass and stay in the left lane till I’m well past the vehicle before I cut back into the right lane as once again you get a build up of gravel on the center line.

If there is slush on the road then be extra careful. If you get too far to the right then the slush will suck you into the ditch. Also, the slush on the centre line can cause you to lose control.

To sum up, this is British Columbia and we need salt and gravel on our highways so you can drive safely. Remember to drive to road conditions.

You can catch rocks all the way into April until the roads are swept off.

Never chase another vehicle that pelted you with a rock as this creates an unsafe condition. Slow down and you will get there hopefully with an intact windshield.