Tips from TAPS: Fundraisers help out TAPS, seniors return to greenhouse

Web Lead

April 15-21 is National Volunteer Week in Canada and at the Therapeutic Activation Program for Seniors, we depend on our volunteers to keep our program running. I can’t even guess the number of hours shared each week to keep our seniors involved in community activities and enjoying their lives outside of their homes. TAPS will host a lunch for our volunteers later this month to thank them for their love and support.

The Lions Club is again cooking their signature breakfast for the community on April 21 at TAPS. Join us for good food and friendship. This partnership between the Lions and TAPS is a form of volunteerism that has many rewards including the chance for TAPS members to meet with friends they may not have seen for years and an income for the program. Thank you, Creston Lions.

You have already heard how wonderful our Krafty Kronys are, how they support our programs, and bring color and fun into our projects. This group always seems to be full of energy and ideas for more things to do. Each person within the Kronys has particular skills, some knit or sew, some paint, one has computer skills, one or two make jewelry and handmade cards, some make pies. The list is too long for me to remember and even if I could they would come up with another skill. Their big spring craft sale is set for May 5 at TAPS. Mark it on your calendar. There will be new projects from the Kronys, as well as TAPS pies and several other vendors who have found that this is one of the best attended craft sales in the valley. Thank you, Krafty Kronys.

The Community Greenhouse at the College of the Rockies is again hosting TAPS seniors and some young families to plant and grow together. This intergenerational program started last year and was so beneficial that it will run again. Yesterday, seniors, young moms and small children started the seeds for plants for their own gardens and gardens at the TAPS site. The interaction between the generations is valuable to all and the rewards of the project are not just flowers and vegetables. I watched yesterday as the ladies from TAPS sat in the sunny greenhouse and showed children how to plant seeds. The young moms did the physical work and served coffee and cookies. Were they planting marigolds or “miracles”? Thank you, Christie and Anita, for your knowledge and kind support.

One final thank you goes to the Advance for the coverage they generously give to TAPS and other non-profit organizations. This information gives all of us the opportunity to know what really holds our community together.

Terry Nowak is an outreach worker with the Therapeutic Activation Program for Seniors.