Tea and a little gossip are a perfect combination

Tea and a little gossip are a perfect combination

Tips from TAPS: Creston seniors program busy with pies, pomp and pub

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Two weeks, ago the Therapeutic Activation Program for Seniors centre was buzzing with activity on Friday and Saturday as TAPS staff and volunteers and Krafty Kronys folks along with several vendors set up their tables in anticipation of their annual TAPS tea and craft sale. The range of items was diverse and shoppers’ bags got quickly filled with gift items from around the room. In the midst of people coming and going we soon heard that all the Krafty Kronys pies were sold, a testament to their hard work and skills of these ladies.

In the meantime, a high tea was in progress in the room next door and anticipation palpable with the announcement of a special guest. The arrival of the “Queen” and her bodyguard (who was that man behind the sunglasses?) was met with appropriate murmurs, deference and audible laughter. Marlayne Lake of the Krafty Kronys and Bridget Currie from TAPS report that the whole day was a success and thank all the vendors and volunteers who participated. (Thanks, Penny A.P. Anderson and Tom Mann!)

You may know that the Krafty Kronys are looking for a new home for their supplies and a workspace. They are asking for help from the community, as so far they have not been successful in finding an appropriate space. They have been at the Nilsson Centre temporarily when they lost access to their previous home. Contact TAPS at 250-428-5585.

So, what have we been up to in the last month? Our seniors have been participating in and enjoying the scheduled programs that continue to be popular, ranging from meals to events out in the community, shopping, appointments and many social activities at the centre with singing, band, Tai Chi, book club, art and more. Participants from the Cresteramics work program are an ongoing welcome addition to the running of our program and the joy of our seniors is evident as relationships develop, and their visits are eagerly anticipated.

The local history program has been quite a hit. On the day I was there, Ralph Moore was the guest speaker taking us on a photo travel into our own backyard in the mountains. With Ralph’s extensive knowledge and easy presentation style, he had quite an engaged audience and triggered local history memories in the participants.

And how could I forget the days we got ready for a photo shoot at Jimmy’s Pub! No, we’re not going to be in a beer commercial! We embarked on creating a TAPS fundraising calendar for 2015. The buzz started early in October and grew with the assistance of Gail Kitt from Footlighters letting us raid their costume supply, and Gail offering to help with make up and ideas, Brian Lawrence of Inverted Image Photography being willing to be the photographer, and Imagine Ink partnering with us on the project. Our seniors were definitely not wallflowers for the planning and actual photo shoot, and the excitement spilled over to all of us as Mimika and Paul Coleman agreed to let us use Jimmy’s Pub. Thanks to the staff and customers who put up with our shenanigans for three hours, the TAPS volunteers and Jason Smith who helped, and the seniors who had no intention of leaving until it was all done. You’ll never guess what rascally ideas lurked behind those smiles! Watch for calendars at local shops, community events and at TAPS!

Maureen Cameron is the community liaison development co-ordinator for the Therapeutic Activation Program for Seniors.