Tips from TAPS: Creston can have say in provincial consultations

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We attended the annual garden party hosted by Janeen and Gord Hansen last week. Every year this family hosts the most wonderful meal and afternoon for the Therapeutic Activation Program for Seniors folks at their beautiful property. It has become an annual tradition that the staff and volunteers look forward to as much as the seniors. Janeen is Clara Rushka’s daughter. Clara is a long time and very busy TAPS member, and a very proud mother. Thank you Janeen, Gord and your family and friends who did so much work. Other trips into the neighborhood are planned and with our buses running well and the picnic boxes packed, we are ready to go.

Congratulations to Creston’s Therapeutic Riding Program on winning the Kraft Celebration Tour. We are looking forward to the Kraft/TSN community party to be held here in August. Several TAPS seniors contributed to this cause by voting on the computers at TAPS. It is amazing what this tough little town of ours can do.

Speaking of what our town can do… Do you know that the provincial government has committed to establishing an office of the seniors’ advocate? The purpose of this office will be to support a better approach to addressing the issues and interests of seniors in British Columbia. On Feb. 14, the province released Improving Care for B.C. Seniors: An Action Plan and included the opportunity for public input into the role of a seniors’ advocate. Several public consultations have been held throughout the province to receive feedback to define the role of a seniors’ advocate. Written submissions are being received until July 31. Now it is time for Creston to have its say.

What do you, or the group you are part of, think the role, purpose and key functions of a seniors’ advocate should be? How can the seniors’ advocate work with existing organizations currently offering services to seniors? What would be the best ways for the seniors’ advocate to meet the needs of our community? If you have suggestions that you want forwarded to the people developing the office of the seniors’ advocate please forward them to me. I will include them in a submission coming from TAPS and others in our community. Forward your suggestions to

This is another opportunity for Creston to work together to the advantage of all of us. Let’s take it!

Terry Nowak is an outreach worker with the Therapeutic Activation Program for Seniors.