Tips from TAPS: Community comes through again

Web Lead

The Creston and District Credit Union has been busy with its 60th anniversary celebration, but it still found time and resources to support the Therapeutic Activation Program for Seniors. The CDCU gave TAPS a generous donation to purchase iPads. This dream came from the seniors who wish to learn basic computer skills, to email their families, to get answers from Google and to play whist or crib on line. The gift to TAPs will help bridge the gulf between the elderly and technology. We will be seeking volunteers to teach us and the Krafty Kronys have agreed to assist with honorariums and some operating costs. One of our members is computer literate and is anxious to teach her peers. The generosity of the CDCU will serve a big need and be well used.

Our goal this year is to facilitate our seniors being productive members of their community. Sharing, contributing and helping out are the ways seniors survived and they have knowledge and skills to share. Our intergenerational program of seniors teaching parents and children about growing, harvesting and preserving food is now at the preserving stage and friendships have formed between young families and seniors. Thank you to the College of the Rockies greenhouse staff, who gave us a place to start our plants, soil, pots and expert assistance. We have built and painted birdhouses for the garden area at the college and hope to be able to help there in other ways.

Gleaners supports TAPS every month and we have found a way to give back to them — TAPS seniors help clean and prepare dolls and are experts at cutting up rags for sale. Our other community projects continue with seniors contributing to the Telus ambassadors program and Kootenai Community Centre.

Fresh fruit and vegetables pour in through the kitchen doors and are becoming pie filling, soups, salads and casseroles. The two new upright deep freezers, purchased by the Krafty Kronys, make pie sorting much easier.

The Krafty Kronys’ annual craft fair and luncheon will be held at TAPS on Nov. 5 starting at 9 a.m. New crafts, old favourites, specialties of other vendors and TAPS pies will be available. Mark it in your calendar and bring a friend.

TAPS continues to be busy with meals, activities, volunteers and happy seniors. Thank you to the Creston and District Credit Union for believing that seniors can challenge themselves, learn new things and be productive in their community!

Terry Nowak is an outreach worker with the Therapeutic Activation Program for Seniors.