Time change not wanted by RDCK Area B

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To the Editor:

I am writing this letter to let everyone know that the issue of “time change” is not a bad reflection on anyone on either side of this discussion. Some folks have made this issue personal when in fact it is just a point of discussion where not all are going to be satisfied no matter the outcome.

Judy Gadicke is a friend of mine as well as serving as an exemplary member of Creston town council. Additionally, her stance on time change does not in any way reflect on her character or the fact she is one of the most incredible schoolteachers in the valley — just ask any student she has taught. This is not personal with her but a position on an issue she has taken on behalf of her constituents.

Once the Town of Creston sent directly to the province a request to have this issue on the May ballot I needed to know what Regional District of Central Kootenay Area B residents felt about this issue for a submission to the Crown on their behalf.

I asked Judy to write a factoid for the Area B newsletter so I could get a feel from my constituents on their position concerning time change. Since I was elected in 2002, this issue has come up at least once a year. It is my opinion this issue for Area B needs to come to a conclusion once and for all. It is not productive! It is time consuming and it is divisive when we have huge issues we need to be discussing such as, fire protection, water, waste, roads, library, rec center infrastructure and more.

I now have received from Area B residents a huge response to the question of time change. The options offered in the Area B newsletter opinion poll were simply “No change — leave it the way it is” or change to “Daylight savings — same as Cranbrook all year; spring ahead, fall back”. Results of this opinion poll are available at www.rdckareab.ca.

Suffice to say, my direction on behalf of my contingents on time change is now very clear. By an overwhelming response of 77 per cent, Area B residents have said “no change” when it comes to their time zone. I will be informing the attorney general that RDCK Area B will not be participating in or supporting any future efforts to change time in the Creston Valley.

The people have spoken. I’ve heard it. Now, time to move on.

John Kettle

RDCK Area B Director