Think on these Things: The biblical world view

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Creation has always been a mystery. The Bible starts out, “In the beginning God…” There has to be a first cause. Christians believe that God has clearly identified Himself as the “first cause.”

The Bible does not explain how God was there in the first place. We must take it on faith (as evolutionists do for their world view). And from that basis, we can logically follow what happened, something no Eastern religion can do!

1. Creation in heaven. At some time in the remote past, God created a perfect universe and populated it with intelligent and free creatures. If you look at the starry heavens, or at the Hubble space telescope pictures, you can only be amazed at just what is out there.

2. Rebellion in heaven. An exalted creature — now called Satan — rebelled against God’s principles and, after a struggle, was banished to the Earth with his followers. Sin — rebellion against God’s revealed will — had its origin in a perfect environment and no explanation can be given for it.

3. Creation on earth. During the six days of creation in the recent past, God made this planet inhabitable and created plant and animal life, including Adam and Eve, who were endowed with free will. It was at this time that God gave us the seven-day week, ending with the Sabbath day.

4. Fall on Earth. Tempted by Satan, the first couple disobeyed God, breaking God’s Ten Commandments, and the entire web of life on this planet suffered the consequences, including a devastating global flood. Today, we see evidence of what sin does; there are hurts, lack of trust, disease and finally death. The great controversy between good and evil is played out daily in our lives and in the world.

5. Redemption. Because we cannot save ourselves from the consequences of sin, Jesus Christ, the Creator Himself, came to earth to rescue fallen humans, offering them free salvation and power to live a transformed life. Try to imagine the humiliation that He experienced for our redemption. From the adoration of all the heavenly host, to hanging naked on a cross after being scourged and then dying so that you and I can have eternity in the perfection and bliss of heaven, if we choose.

6. Christ’s Second Coming. At the end of time, Christ returns in glory, as promised, and grants immortality to those who have accepted His offer of forgiveness and salvation. Bible-believing Chris-tians await with eager anticipation Jesus’ return. He will not come secretly, invisibly or silently, for the Bible says that “every eye will see Him.” It will be the noisiest day in history! The trumpet will sound, the voice of the angel calls out and the dead in Christ will be raised, and together with righteous living, all rise “to meet the Lord in the air.”

7. Consummation. After a millennium (1,000 years) passes, Christ returns to execute the final judgment and totally eliminates evil. He restores the entire creation to its original perfection. And the redeemed will rejoice with God forever.

The invitation is for you, dear reader, to accept His sacrifice and enjoy eternity with our Creator and Saviour.

Ian Cotton is the pastor at the Creston Seventh-day Adventist Church.