Think on These Things: Celebrating the birth of a ruler

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The date of the celebration of Christ’s birth is argued by some as a development of the early church that was heavily influenced by the dominant pagan culture of the time.

Whatever your position, the date doesn’t alter the historical reality of the birth of Jesus Christ. Matthew 2:2 tells us of wise men that came to observe and celebrate the birth of the “King of the Jews”. 1 Timothy 6:15 speaks of Jesus Christ as “King of Kings”. The celebration of the birth of Christ is a statement of faith, not just a midwinter festival or a happy holiday.

We celebrate God becoming human, not man becoming God. We celebrate the invasion of Earth by heaven — an invasion of the Prince of Peace and his kingdom rule, the invasion of peace, love, justice and generosity, some of the good things most of us would hope for in our world that is at odds with this eternal king and his wise rule.

As we observe this Christmas season, may it be more than a holiday, may it be a statement of faith, faith in Christ and God’s good intentions for the world he created in which we live.

Merry Christmas!

Gord Lawrence is the pastor of Creston New Life Church.