There is no difference between Trinity Western University grads and other lawyers

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To the Editor:

The recent Trinity Western University sexual covenant controversy and the dustup between some law societies in Canada and TWU’s position on proper sexual intimacy has the government of B.C. weighing in heavily on the issue. I would say the main reason the B.C. government is vacillating on its final statement has to do with trying to be popular in a political way rather than with a morality statement. But that is another issue.

TWU has a signed covenant agreement between itself and all people connected with the university that prohibits “sexual intimacy that violates the sacredness of marriage between a man and a woman.” Here’s what the university is saying: All explicit sexual activity between people outside of marriage is incorrect. It applies to both heterosexual oriented and homosexual oriented activity. So, potentially they are talking about everybody, whether one is heterosexual inclined or homosexual inclined. And why would TWU bother to promote such an idea? Because of one main reason only.

As Christians trying to be faithful to one’s beliefs, they recognize that serious questions about sexuality can be answered by going to the written source of the Christian faith, the Bible. What scripture has to say about this is well spelled out. All sexual activity outside a true marriage is sin. A great number of people today that I know are not too concerned with the validity of the word “sin”. But faithful Christians realize that to not state the importance of sin as a moral pattern is to abandon truth. To abandon truth is to invite a false way of existence. The word that most distinctly speaks about how everyone should approach sexuality is the word “chastity”. Check it out for yourself as to its meaning and application. It applies to all — whether one is of hetero- or homosexual inclination.

In the real world of today, the Law Society of BC statement against TWU is opinion only and has no force of law. TWU has an excellent record academically in university standing. Any student who graduates as a lawyer from its program would have to take the same bar exam that all potential lawyers must take. The graduates of TWU would practice law in the same law courts by the same rules that everybody else does, all within the same common judicial system in place in Canada.

Pat Doyle