The Krafty Kronys with a bus partially funded by their efforts.

The Krafty Kronys with a bus partially funded by their efforts.

The Voice of Experience: Krafy Kronys help support Creston seniors program

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“Working together to make a difference.”

—Krafty Kronys mission statement


In 2006, Patt Robicheau and several ladies began with a yard sale to help Therapeutic Activation for Seniors (TAPS) as it was no longer funded as it had been previously. This turned into the Krafty Kronys volunteer group, and so began our journey; time went on and many others joined our group. I started with the group at its first annual general meeting in January 2007 as their secretary and facilitator, and I am now retired.

In time we became a well-oiled group with a big job to do. This valley has a lot of talent to draw from. We sewed, knitted, quilted, crocheted and made pies, held “crafty” fairs and luncheons. It has been a privilege to work with so many fine artists — yes, artists — who create many fine articles. This is giving back to the community at its best.

Unfortunately, we lost our leader, Patt, last year. It was quite a shock to us all. She was the foundation of our organization. This left us with much to do and it took us a while to recover. We pulled up our socks and the journey continued. Without our leader to direct the group, we all pulled together to make the fall craft fair happen as usual.

As we had our workshop at Patt’s home, we had to find another facility to work in and store our extensive supplies. Fortunately for us, the room at the Alex Nilsson Centre became available. Managed by Valley Community Services (formerly the Creston and District Community Resource Centre), they let us share a room. Patt’s husband, Jim, gave us all of Patt’s craft and sewing collection. Then the move was on, and it seemed like the packing took forever. I think we know why we don’t move ourselves too often with all the work involved. But we had a home again!

Then real work started by sorting everything to see what to keep and what we had to sell, as we don’t have the room to store and work, as well. So now we had to prepare all the goods for measuring, pricing and boxing. We planned a special sale on May 3; it was well received and generated more money for the pot. We made extra pies for the sale, for what is a sale without Krafty Kronys pies? Overwaitea Foods supplied us with new bags to put the pies in.

Without the business community to help, many volunteer groups would not be so effective. In addition, much of the supplies that we worked with have been donated over the years. Thank you to all the individuals, businesses and other volunteer groups that help make Creston a better place to live a happy life.

As of today, the saga continues as TAPS, Cornerstone and the Krafty Kronys will be moving from the Nilsson building. TAPS will be moving into the basement of the renovated Rotacrest Hall and the Krafty Kronys will need to find a new home. A new home that is free, if possible, would be ideal, as it is a challenge for our volunteer group to meet our mission of all our efforts to fundraise for TAPS. If someone knows of possible spaces or has ideas of how we can do this, please let us know through TAPS at 250-428-5585.

Krafty Kronys took this summer off to re-energize for the fall craft fair. Pies continue to be available at TAPS and we appreciate all the donations of local fruit.

TAPS will be holding a tea on Nov. 1 with a silent auction of valuable teacups and saucers, as well as repurposed cups and saucers. The Krafty Kronys also will have the fall craft fair, with vendors as usual. Watch for the posters about town.

We welcome new members. Would you consider being a Krafty Krony, sharing your various skills, help with leadership? Contact TAPS and come visit with us and see what we’re up to. You will be surprised!

I am no longer an active member, but I will help when needed.

I personally would like to thank the Krafty Kronys for all their hard work, the fun we have had and the satisfaction of helping our seniors. My thanks goes out also to Creston at large for supporting the volunteers.

Marleyne Krell is a longtime Creston resident and volunteer. The Voice of Experience is a column co-ordinated by the Therapeutic Activity Program for Seniors.